About Us

https://www.unseenpassage.com has been developed by a group of teachers from reputed schools with the aim of providing free study material for class 1 till class 12 students so that it can be really useful for them for preparing for class tests and school level examinations as well as any competition level exam which they have to face.

Nowadays students always try to search for the best study material which can help them to properly prepare as well as understand the concepts thoroughly but it becomes difficult for them to understand what should be the best source from where they can get the best and easily available study material.

In the schools also the teachers recommend school textbooks as well as NCERT text books which further confuse the child and above that extra study material and worksheets are also provided to the students which adds more burden on them. where we have carefully combined all the study material in such a manner that the students can directly go to that relevant section in which they need required information and easily read them without wasting too much time to keep on searching for good Study material.

Over and above this everything has been provided free of cost to the students so that they don’t have to spend money in getting good quality study material.

This is a small initiative by a group of highly professional teachers so that they can contribute towards the development of children in any part of the country. in case you want any further help or maybe any other study material then you are more than welcome to contact us through our contact us page and drop us a note or send us an email so that our teachers can help you to resolve your queries which can even help you to get better marks.