Unseen Passage

For Class 4 to Class 12

Study Material

Development MCQ Class 10 Social Science

Question. The development goals of landless rural labourers are:(a) Assured high family income through higher support prices for their crops(b) To settle their children abroad(c)

Federalism MCQ Class 10 Social Science

Question. The jurisdictions of the respective levels or tiers of government:(a) Are not specified in the constitution(b) Are specified in the constitution(c) Are written in

Rural Development MCQ Class 11 Economics

Question. Rural development means:(A) Rural education department(B) Rural health facilities development(C) Rural Infrastructure development(D) All the above  Question. What percentage of agricultural production increased from

Sound MCQ Class 9 Science

Please refer to Chapter 12 Sound MCQ Class 9 Science with answers below. These multiple-choice questions have been prepared based on the latest NCERT book

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