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DK Goel Solutions

One of history’s finest writers is D.K. Goel. Refer to DK Goel Solutions for Class 11 and 12 for the latest DK Goel book for

Class 12 VBQs Biology Environmental Issues

Very Short Answer Type Questions Question. State the purpose of signing the Montreal Protocol. Answer : To control the emission of ozone depleting substances.  Question. Where is

Class 12 VBQs Biology Ecosystem

Very Short Answer Type Questions Question. ‘Man is a primary as well as the secondary consumer’. Justify this statement.Answer : The man is a primary

Class 12 HOTs Biology Reproductive Health

Question. What is the full form of RCH?(a) Reproductive and Child Healthcare(b) Reproduction, Contraception and Health(c) Reproduction and Child Health(d) None of the above Question. What are

Class 12 HOTs Biology Human Reproduction

Question. How many compartments (approximately) are there in each human testis?(a) 250(b) 300(c) 350(d) 400 Question. Compartments in mammalian testes are called(a) testicular lobules(b) seminiferous tubules(c)

Class 12 VBQs Biology Organisms and Populations

Very Short Answer Type Questions Question. Name the interaction that exists between cuscuta and shoe-flower plant.Answer : Parasitism.  Question. Name the type of interaction that exists

HOTs For Biology Class 12

Chapter 1 Reproduction in Organisms Chapter 2 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Chapter 3 Human Reproduction Chapter 4 Reproductive Health Chapter 5 Principles of Inheritance

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