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Birth Class 11 English Notes

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Class 11 English Birth Summary and Questions

The following Birth Class 11 English Notes and questions answers will help you to easily learn the entire chapter. You will be able to solve all questions in upcoming Class 11 English exams and score better marks


The story Birth is an excerpt from The Citadel. It relates how a medical fresher handles a child delivery case in a mysterious way and brings back life in a seemingly dead born child. In doing so he applies his medical text book knowledge as well as intuition. He finds that text book knowledge alone is not sufficient to handle such cases. The story expresses the anxiety and excitement of the doctor, Andrew Manson and his team.

In the beginning of the story, it is narrated how Andrew Manson who had recently passed out from a medical school, was returning home after a disappointing evening with his girl friend, Christine. It was midnight and when he reached near his house he was requested by Joe Morgan to attend to his wife immediately. She was expecting her first child. Andrew agreed to go despite late night.

At the patient’s house, Andrew saw that the lady was being attended to by a midwife. Mrs. Morgan was very serious. Andrew examined the patient and could understand that it would take some time for the delivery to take place. He took a break. In this period Andrew’s mind started wavering in stray thoughts. He started thinking about Barnwell who was foolishly devoted to a woman who deceived him meanly. Then he thought of Edward page who was married to the ill-natured Bowden, and was now living unhappily, apart from his wife. Andrew thought all marriages were a dismal failure. In the meantime Andrew had to go back to attend to the patient.

The subsequent section narrates how after an hour long harsh struggle a child was born towards the dawn. But the child was still born. When Andrew gazed at the lifeless form, he shivered with horror. Then he looked at the mother. She required immediate attention. Andrew was to decide to whom to attend: the child or the mother.

Andrew gave the child to the nurse and turned his attention to the mother who was unconscious. Gradually, her heart strengthened and Andrew could now leave her to attend to the baby.
Andrew asked about the child. The midwife was thoroughly frightened. Taking it as a still child, she had dumped it beneath the bed amongst soaked newspaper. Andrew pulled out the child. The child was perfectly formed. Andrew could understand that it was a case of suffocation due to lack of oxygen and excess of carbon-dioxide in the blood. Andrew started giving the necessary treatment. He did not lose heart. The midwife again and again told him that it was a still born child. But Andrew did not heed. He continued with his treatment.

Towards the end of the story, a miracle happened he rubbed the child with a towel crushed and relaxed the little chest with both his hands. Thus, he tried to infuse breath into that limp body. The little chest gave a short, convoluted heave. The child started turning around. It was no longer still born.

At last Andrew heaved a sigh of relief. He handed the child to the nurse. He told the entire story to Joe standing outside and walked down the street with some miners with a sense of deep satisfaction that he could achieve something great.

Important Points

  • It is the birth of two – the birth of a child and the birth of a wonderful physician who brought the stillborn baby to life.
  • Dr. Andrew Manson was recently out of the medical college and he was a struggling practitioner.
  • One night he returned late and waiting for him was a man – Joe Morgan – the most stressed out man in the world at that time.
  • His wife Susan was about to give birth to a baby tonight, after their 14 years of wait.
  • Though tired to death, Dr. Andrew Manson agreed to attend the case but in spite of prayers and attempts, the baby was lifeless when it was born!

Short Questions

Question- how did the child look when it was born?
Answer- The child was perfectly formed. It was a boy. The body was limp and white. It was soft as tallow. The skin was smooth and tender. The head lolled on the thin neck. The limbs seemed boneless.

Question- Give an account of the attempts made by Andrew Manson to revive the child.
Answer– From the whiteness of the child’s body, Andrew thinks that it is a case of asphyxia. He at once starts the treatment he knows has been used earlier. He gets two bowls, one of hot water and the other for cold water. He puts the child into them alternately in quick succession. He keeps repeating the process for fifteen minutes, but there is no result. Still Andrew does not give up. He decided to make one last effort. He rubs the child with a rough towel. Then he presses the little chest with both his hands, and releases it. As by a miracle, the body gives a short heave. Then there is another and another. Thus at last Andrew knows that he has done something real.

Question- Why did Andrew not go back home though there was yet some time to wait before the child was born?
Answer– Andrew thought that he couldn’t have even an hour’s sleep if he went back home. Moreover, the case there was a complicated one. It needed all his attention. So he decided to stay there instead of going back home.

Question- Who was Christine? What sad episode did Andrew remember about her?
Answer– Christine was the girl Andrew loved deeply. But she had quarreled with him at the Cardiff station. It had made Andrew very sad. Now a doubt filled in his mind if his marriage with Christine could really be a happy one.

Question. Who was Andrew Manson?
Answer– Andrew Manson was a young doctor. He had newly passed out of a medical school. He was working as an assistant to Dr. Edward page. Their surgery was in a small mining village of welsh. It was in the town blaenelly.

Question. Who was Joe Morgan?
Answer- Joe Morgan was a sturdy driller. He worked in the village mines. He lived with his wife Susan. They had been married for twenty years. But as yet they had no child.

Question- What special method did Andrew use to revive the child?
Answer– Andrew got two basins. One had in it cold water. The other had hot water. Andrew put the child into the two basins alternately in quick succession. Thus he hoped to revive the child’s breath.

Question-Why did Joe Morgan go to bryngower?
Answer– Morgan’s wife was expecting her first baby. She was having paints. The delivery was going to be before time. The case was serious. So Morgan went to fetch Dr. Andrew Manson who lived at Bryngower.

Question-How did Andrew react when Mrs. Morgan’s mother said, “ Let me make you a cup of tea, doctor ” ?
Answer– Andrew smiled a little. There was yet some time to wait before the child was born. The old women feared the doctor would leave the case, saying he would return later. Sensing the old woman’s fear, Andrew said, “ Don’t fret mother. I’ll not run away.’’

Long Questions

Question- Why was Andrew feeling so dull and listless that evening? How did that evening influence his whole life and career?
Answer- Andrew returned to his house after midnight. His experience with Christine that evening was not a happy one. Moreover, several episodes of unhappily married couples also saddened him. Outside his house was Joe Morgan waiting anxiously for the doctor. He led Andrew to his house where his wife Susan was in labour. Both were set upon having this child. Andrew decided to wait and give medical aid. He had no idea that the incident of that night would give him not only supreme satisfaction but also name and fame. He worked hard and very intelligently to save the life of the mother as well as her stillborn child.

Question- Give a brief life-sketch and achievement of Dr Andrew Manson.
Answer- Dr Andrew Manson was fresh from medical school. He was working as an assistant to Dr Edward Page in a small mining town. He loved a girl Christine, but he had spent a disappointing evening with her when he met Joe. He was tired and tense. It was past midnight. But true to his calling, he accompanied Joe to attend on Susan Morgan, who was in labour. He did not mind waiting. He did not settle his fees. He waited till daybreak without a wink of sleep. He proved his worth when he faced a dilemma. The mother was sinking, and the baby had no heartbeat. He made feverish efforts to save both. Going by instinct he saved the mother first by administering a life-saving injection to her. When he took the lifeless yet warm baby in his arms he suddenly remembered a similar case in his medical college. He gave the same treatment to the baby and saved him. He brought them both back to life.

Question- What was Andrew’S dilemma after the delivery? How did he solve the problem so successfully?
Answer- The child was born at daybreak. Dr Andrew was filled with horror as he looked at the lifeless baby. He had now two patients on his hand. Susan was fast losing her pulse. The baby was white, lax and lifeless. Andrew was in a dilemma as to whom to give his attention first. Going by instinct, he gave an injection to Susan and pulled her out of danger. Then he pulled out the child, with a warm body but no breathing. He gave it an unusual treatment using cold and hot water and the pressure of his hands. And there was a miracle. He thanked God when the child gave out a cry.

Birth Class 11 English Notes

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