English Grammar Antonyms or Synonyms Notes and Questions

The following is a list of common words along with their synonyms (words with more or less similar meanings) and antonyms (words with more or less opposite meanings) to help you tackle the vocabulary section of Synonyms and Antonyms in your examination:

WordSynonyms (similar meaning)Antonyms (opposite meaning)
abhordislike, detest, hateapprove, like
acutesharp, pepetratingdull, blunt
avocationrecreation, employment of leisurevocation, business
bleakcold, cheerless, grimwarm, friendly, bright
bloomfreshness, floretdecay, withered state
brandishFlourish, swing, wieldarrest, hang, suspend
ceaseleave off, stop, desistbegin, continue
clamouroutcry, uproarsilence, peace
craftycunning, artfulingenuous, honest
dauntdismay, terrify, scareencourage, cheer
deposedethrone, degradeenthrone, exalt
desistleave off, stopcontinue, go on
exaltlift up, raise, elevatecast down, lower
exclaimcall out, vociferatebe silent, quiet
extinguishquench, annihilatelight, kindle
fallacydeception, illusiontruth, real
frowngrimace, pout, scowlsmile
furtivestealthy, secret, sly sneaky, surreptitiousopen, above board, overt
ghastlyspectral, pallid, horriblecorporeal, alive
glutinoussticky, viscousliquid, smooth
grudgeenvy, jealousygoodwill, love
haplessunfortunate, unluckylucky, fortunate
humanegentle, kindcruel, ungentle
immersedip, plungedraw out
impeldrive, motivateinhibit, prevent
jumbleconglomerationclear, order
jurisdictionauthority, dominionforbidding
knottyhard, intricatesmooth, easy
kindlefire, ignitedarken, extinguish
lackabsence, dearthabundance
loftyhigh, tall, elevatedlow, depressed
manifestexhibit, showconceal, suppress
minglemix, blenddissolve, disentangle
notoriouswell known, renownedunknown
numbanaesthetizedlively, active
obscenefilthy, invitationpure, clean
overtureoffer, invitationwithdrawal, finale
paramountsupreme, importantsubordinate, inferior
propelpress, pushdiscourage, pull
quashannul, cancelratify, confirm
quenchextinguish, put outlight, ignite
raidforay, incursiondepress, descend
rectifyrepair, renewdestroy, corrupt
saddejected, depressedjoyous, blithe
sophistryfallacy, ambiguitycertainty
terrestrialearthy, worldlyheavenly, celestial
tyrantdespot, autocratconstitutional
zestbrio, dashdullness, blandness

Idioms and Phrases

An idiom is an expression, a word, or a phrase. The meaning of an idiom is completely different from the literal meaning of its individual elements. Idioms do not mean the same as what the words say but have a hidden meaning.
A phrase has two or more words which are related to each other. A phrase does not contain a verb and a subject. Below are mentioned some idioms and phrases to develop your understanding.
1. At my finger’s end- Know it thoroughly
2. To all intents and purposes- Practically, virtually
3. With a high hand- Oppressively
4. Bibs fair- Seems likely
5. Turned a deaf ear- Disregarded

Homonyms are two or more words having same pronunciation or spelling but different meanings.

Look at the following examples.
1. Air- The invisible gaseous substance which surrounds the earth Heir- A person lawfully entitled to the property or rank of another on that person’s death

2. Beach- A sandy shore especially by the sea Beech- A large tree with smooth grey bark and glossy leaves

3. Patience- The capacity to accept or tolerate problems Patient- A person who receives medical treatment

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