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How To Prepare For CBSE Class 10 English Board Exams

Class 10 English Board exams are very important for a student and everyone wants to score well in it. Scoring well in each and every subject is necessary for a good result. English being one of the most common and compulsory subjects needs to be scored well. Many students are weak in English. It is important for them to know some tips and tricks so that they can easily score well in the examination. The tips and tricks will not only help the student to get more marks but also it’ll help them to study smart.

Here are some of the tips to score well:

  • Note Making – The student can score well by creating notes of the written portion by practicing the style of the writing and the language.
  • Reading – To score well one has to read a lot. One has to read anything and everything. With this reading practise , unknowingly one’s English language skills will start to improve.
  • Listing – The words which one doesn’t understand can be put on a list altogether and then their meanings can be found out. In this way one will have a strong grasp over vocabulary.  If one looks at the meaning everyday then they will learn the usage of the words by heart.
  • Focus on grammar – Having a good grip on grammar is very important in English. It helps you in both your literature and grammar. Practising reordering, sentence completion, and editing will help you a lot. You also need to get along well with basic grammar that includes focusing on usage.
  • Read out aloud – Reading out aloud helps you to get your concentration. It is a good way to understand the flow of words and sentences and improve your reading skills as well. Reading unknown passages will help you in improving your reading comprehension. After reading you should summarize it point wise in as little time as possible.
  • Compositions – Composition is a very important part of the paper. Making it in your grip is all the practice you need. You should write a different composition everyday . Make sure you stay within the word limit. Eventually it will help you in your sentence formations and also one will be able to manage the time during exams.
  • Long Reading Texts – Knowing what is inside the text is very important for you to be able to answer these questions. Character sketches are also very important along with general questions from the theme or plot. Reading long texts everyday will help them to memorise by heart.
  • Examtime preparation – When your exam approaches, that is almost two months before your exam, you should go through the notes that you have made. You should also read your literature a lot. You should be well aware of your topics and formats that will come in your writing part.

One cannot achieve excellence in English unless one has practiced well. Practice is the only key. You should enjoy the practise and aim to get good grades. Results will come to you itself.

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