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How To Score Well In Class 9 CBSE English

Exams are an important part of a student’s life.  With each exam one student gives, he or she gets to see how much better he or she has performed. Exams also act as a meter to decide how much is the scoring capacity of a student. English is a basic subject in the Indian education system.  It is very important for a student to know basic English, henceforth English exams are pretty much the most important exams compared to the other ones. Therefore it is also equally important to score well in English.

Here are some tips for class 9 CBSE students who want to score well in English.

  • Utilise the reading time – When given the question paper , one  should take time to read it properly and prepare the answer inside their head. In this way they will be able to finish the paper early and will get much time to revise and will get time to rectify those mistakes.
  • Time management – If one student is able to give at least 50 minutes to each section of the question paper, they will get at least 15 minutes for revision
  • Presentation – presentation of the copy is also a factor for getting good marks. One should try to highlight the points with black ink pen and underline the key words.
  • One chapter a day – the student should read one chapter per day and make notes about it. In this way perfection will be created.
  • Worksheet – Students should practise previous year papers and worksheets for a better understanding of their preparation. This will help them gain some prior experience about the way English exams are held and they will feel confident while writing in the exam.
  • Vocabulary – With an increased knowledge in vocabulary one can score really good in English exam. For increasing the vocabulary one should try learning at least 10 new words per day.
  • Focus- The student should focus more on the areas he/she thinks is strong. In that way it will be easier for them to score. The areas in which they are not strong can also be improved by lots of practise.

The complete paper is of 80 marks. That contains Section A, Section B, and Section C. Section A consists of 20 marks and it tests the reading skills of the students. Section B consists of 20 marks. It mainly includes questions to test the student’s writing skills with grammar. The marks allotted for Section C is 40. For answering this part, students are required to get a good grip over the literature textbooks and supplementary reading text.

One exam is not the way to determine one student’s future. Exams are just the pathway for improvement. One should take exams seriously so that one can keep improving in the right way. With the above-mentioned ways, one will surely be able to score well in their Class 9 English exam and can have a good record in school as well as gain confidence for appearing in next year’s board examination.

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