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Important Questions for NCERT Class 12 English Vistas On the face of It

Learn Important Questions for Class 12 English Vistas On the face of it to score higher marks in your exam.

Students who are planning to score higher marks in English should learn  Important Questions for On the face of it class 12 English Vistas Before attending the CBSE board exam. 

We have provided you with Class 12 English Vistas on the face of it question answers. You can also practice unseen passage for class 12 in English.

Q:1. Why does Mr. Lamb leave the gate of his house always open?
Ans: Mr. Lamb likes to welcome people to his garden. He does not want to shut the gate of his house.

Q:2 How does Mr. Lamb keep himself busy when it is a bit cold?
Ans: Mr Lamb gets a ladder and a stick. He pulls down the crab apples from the trees. He makes jelly.

Q3: What kind of garden does Mr. Lamb has? Why does he like it?
Ans: Mr Lamb has a big garden. It has many fruit trees, herbs and weeds in it. The gate of the garden remains open. He likes his garden as it has many things which keep him busy.

Q:4 How does Mr Lamb react when Derry enters his Garden?
Ans: Mr Lamb does not express any kind of surprise and anger. He welcomes Derry and tells him that his gate remains open to all.

Q:5 How does Mr lamb try to remove the baseless fears of Derry?
Ans: Mr Lamb helps Derry to come out of his narrow views on life. He tells him to enjoy the beauty hidden in everything. He tells him to ignore people’s attention and see the

Q:6 Why did Mr Lamb help Derry?
Ans: Mr Lamb knew the pain and alienation a person feels on account of his disability. He had learnt to divert his mind away from taunts of people. He wanted to help Derry overcome his pain.He wanted to help him to develop positive attitude.

Q:7 What is the bond that unites Mr Lamb and Derry?
Ans:Physical disability and isolation from society forms a bond between them. Mr Lamb uses his experience to guide Derry to change his negative attitude.

Q:8Why does Derry’s mother not want him to go back to visit Mr lamb ?
Ans: Derry’s mother believes her neighbours. They have many baseless and wrong opinions about Mr. Lamb. She thinks Mr Lamb is not a normal person.

Q:9 In what sense is the friendship between Mr lamb and Derry fruitful?
Ans: The friendship helps Derry to get over his baseless fears. He finds a person whom he can trust and share his fears with. Mr Lamb finds Derry as a person who can help him
overcome his sense of loneliness.

Q:10 How did Mr Lamb spend his time?
Ans: Mr Lamb spent his time sitting in the sun, reading books, listening to bees,making Jelly and watching nature.

Q:11 Why did Derry jump into Mr Lamb’s garden?
Ans: Derry thought that there was nobody inside the garden. He wanted to avoid people.

Long Answer type questions

Q1: Shat was it that drew Derry towards Mr Lamb in spite of himself?
Ans: Mr. Lamb did not ask uncomfortable questions. He did not show any kind of shock or surprise. This normal way of looking at him made Derry feel drawn towards Mr. Lamb. He told Derry about his tin leg to make Derry feel one with him. He did not talk much about his personal problems. Mr. Lamb kept talking about the things around him, the trees,the bees and even weeds. He helped Derry to see and enjoy the gifts of nature. He gave his own example to help Derry ignore people’s comments. Derry got impressed with the way Mr Lamb took his disability. He found in Mr. Lamb a person who was different and genuine.

Q:2 Derry and Mr Lamb both are victims of physical impairment but their attitude towards life are completely different? Elaborate.
Ans: Derry is a young boy.He lives with his family. One side of his face is burnt because of acid.He thinks that his life is ruined because of the burnt face. He believes that the people talk about his face and feel sorry for him.He hates this behaviour of people. He wants to run away from people. He has a negative attitude towards life.
Mr. Lamb is an old man, one of his legs is of tin. He has no family. He lives alone in a big house. He loves nature and enjoys every little thing which is there around him. He has no complaints. He spends his time sitting in the sun and listening to bees. He welcomes people in his garden. He does not mind children making fun of him and calling him lameyLamb. His positive attitude towards life helps him to overcome the sense of loneliness and pain. Mr Lamb with his positive outlook helps Derry to look towards the positive side of life and enjoy it.

Frequently asked questions (Faqs)

What is the main theme of this story ?

Answer: It tells you how people with physical disabilities suffer from loneliness and mental pain

Is the title on the face of it justified?

Answer. Yes, Derry had a burned face .because of that he has to face discrimination, and then he turned pessimistic. He had started feeling angry being around people and think that everyone hates him because of his face.

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