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Tips to improve your concentration power

Please refer to the Tips to improve your concentration power given below. These tips have been provided by our expert faculty for the benefit of students.

• Whenever you find your mind wandering, become conscious of the fact that your mind has wandered and bring it back to what you are studying. Do not let frustration come in the way. You will find that with passage of time, you become better and better at catching the mind from jumping here and there.

• every day set aside 10-15 minutes during which time you are going to completely concentrate on a particular activity. The activities which you can concentrate on can be – praying, walking, eating, and looking at a still picture/clock and so on. Whenever you find that your mind has wandered, gently bring back the mind, review the thought that distracted your mind and get back to the task of fully concentrating on your activity.

• Environment of study: Proper lighting is important. If your eyes are getting strained, you will not be able to concentrate. Ensure that you are sitting comfortably and the light is optimal. Again, noise distractions should be minimal. It is difficult to concentrate when you are in a noisy room.

• Studies should be concentrated around your peak performance. Study hard during your peak hours of performance. Schedule your study such that the peak consumes those activities which need concentration, high problem solving skills and alertness to perform better in CBSE Exams. During the remaining hours you may perform routine activities.

• Be active in what you do, e.g. speak aloud, talk to someone, and write notes.

• Set yourself realistic small targets. This will give you more chances to succeed in reaching your goal. Success will increase both your self-confidence and your study efficiency.

• Vary both the topics you study and the methods you use.

• Study for a short period of time, at least initially.

• Check your sleep: Lack of concentration is often due to lack of complete sleep. So don’t increase your study hours at the cost of your sleep. Apply above mentioned techniques in your studies and soon your concentration-related problems will go away.

We hope you liked the above Tips to improve your concentration power. Please let u know in the comments box if you have any questions.

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