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Important Questions for NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Learn Important Questions for Class 12 English Aunt Jennifer’s tiger poem to score higher marks in your exam.

Students who are planning to score higher marks in English should learn  Important Questions for Aunt Jennifer’s tiger class 12 English Flamingo Before attending the CBSE board exam. 

We have provided you with NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo Aunt Jennifer’s tiger question answers. You can also practice unseen passage for class 12 in English.

Short answer type questions

Q1 Describe the tigers created by Aunt Jennifer?
Ans. The tigers created by Aunt Jennifer are bold and brave. They are not afraid of men. They live in forest. They are made by aunt on a screen.

Q 2. Why did Aunt Jennifer choose to embroider tigers on the panel?
Ans. Aunt Jennifer was timid. She was afraid of men. She wanted to show her wish to be fearless and bold by making tigers on the panel.

Q 3 What happens to Aunt Jennifer’s tigers when she is dead?
Ans. The tigers will remain on the screen. They will remain bold and fearless.

Q 4. How do ‘denizens and ‘chivalric’ add to our understanding of the tiger’s attitude?
Ans. ‘Denizens’ refer to tigers who live fearlessly in the forest. ‘Chivalric’ refers to their bold masculine ways.

Q 5. What is suggested by the image massive weight of uncle’s wedding band?
Ans. It shows the male dominated society. The burden of married life is felt in this kind of society. It keeps the women away from simple enjoyment of life.

Q 6 Interpret the symbols found in the poem.
Ans. ‘Tiger’ is a symbol of strength, confidence and bravery. These qualities are associated with men. Ring is a symbol of bondage, a married woman feels in an unhappy marriage.

• Alliteration: Fingers fluttering
Prancing proud
• Hyperbole: The weight of husband’s wedding ring
• Symbols: Tigers, ring, band, aunt, uncle, Aunt’s hand
• Pun: Ringed
• Irony: A weak and submissive women weaving tiger

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the theme of Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger poem?

Answer: The theme of this poem is to tell how a woman faces the struggle and conflict in male chauvinistic society.

What is the conclusion of this poem?

Answer: The poet wants to tell you that this is not only for her aunt but for all women who can create these tigers. They just need to brave and break the chains, be fearless and bold like a tiger themselves.

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