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Important Questions for NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo The Rattrap

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We have provided you with Class 12 English Flamingo The rattrap question answers. You can also practice unseen passage for class 12 in English.

Short answer type questions

Q 1.From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap?
The peddler had a boring life. He sold rattraps made by him. One day while thinking about his rattraps the idea struck him. He enjoyed the idea of the world being a rattrap.

Q 2. Why did peddler feel happy to think about the world being a rattrap? Why he was amused by an idea?
Nobody ever welcomed the peddler. People were unkind to him so he felt happy thinking bad about the world.

Q 3. Did the peddler expect the kind of hospitality he received from the crofter?
No, the peddler did not expect any kind of welcome or hospitality he received from the crofter. He was surprised by the warm welcome.

Q 4. Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler?
The crofter was a lonely man. He had no wife or children. He was happy to get someone to share his feelings.

Q 5. Why did the crofter show the thirty kronor to the peddler?
The crofter was a simple man. He told the peddler about thirty kronor he earned by selling the milk. He thought that the peddler did not believe him so he showed him the money.

Q 6. Did the peddler respect the confidence reposed in him by the crofter?
No, the peddler did not respect the confidence shown on him by the crofter. The peddler stole his money.

Q 7. What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap?
When the peddler entered the forest he lost his way. He kept on walking. It became dark. He was tired and cold in the forest. This made him realize that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap.

Q 8. Why did the ironmaster speak kindly to the peddler & invited him home?
The ironmaster mistook the peddler for his old friend, a captain. He wanted to help him regain his health and start some work.

Q 9. Why did the peddler decline the invitation of ironmaster?
Peddler had stolen money with him. He feared that he would be caught by the police.

Q 10. What did Edla notice about the peddler?
Edla noticed fear in his eyes.She thought he had either stolen something or escaped from prison.

Long answer type questions

Q 1. What made the peddler finally change his ways?
The peddler was never welcomed by anybody. He had bitterness towards people. He did not have any sense of dignity and self-respect.
Edla’s kind and generous treatment of the peddler uplifted his sense of dignity. She called him Captain and assured him the freedom to move out of the house at his own will. She requested her father to let the peddler stay for the Christmas party.
The peddler wanted to prove himself worthy of the kindness and respect shown to him. He left the house as a reformed man leaving behind the stolen money and a letter thanking Edla.

Q 2. Compare and contrast the character of the Iron master andEdla?
The Iron master was the owner of the Iron mill. He was an ambitious man. He had poor observation power. He mistook the peddler for his old friend, a captain. He wanted to help him. He did not have persuasive power. He could not convince the peddler. He did not accept his own mistake easily. He wanted to handover the peddler to police.
Edla was iron master’s daughter. She was kind and considerate. She had sharp observation power. She noticed thefear in the eyes of the peddler. She persuaded her father to let the peddler stay at their home for Christmas party. She brought positive changes in peddler by her goodness.

Q 3. How does the metaphor of the world being a rattrap serve to highlight the human predicament?
The metaphor of “Theworld being a rattrap” symbolizes the negative impact of greed, low self-esteem and loneliness. In the world full of baits like money, riches and food, a man can easily get trapped into it. Love, respect and moral support can provide enough strength to man to break open the trap and reform himself.
In the story “The Rattrap” the peddler with his extreme poverty and helplessness has no human dignity left in him. He steals the money of the crofter who gives him food and shelter. It pushes the peddler into a trap of fear and guilt. He cannot enjoy simple life anymore. Edla with her kindness and respect for human dignity treats him with respect.
This experience helps the peddler to come out of the trap. He returns the stolen money and becomes a better person.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is the title of this story the rattrap?

Answer: A tramp who makes rattrap with the junk he finds and sells them. He lives in so much poverty that his viewing of the world has become cynical. The author sees the world as the rattrap, where materialistic things pull us into it and trap us. thus the name of this story is the entitle ‘The Rattrap’

What is the moral of this story?

Answer: The Moral of this story is that it is important to show other people love, kindness and respect because it changes their lives in a way that you cannot imagine.

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