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Important Questions for NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo Deep water

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We have provided you with Class 12 English Flamingo Deep Water important questions and answers. You can also practice unseen passage for class 12 in English.

Short answer type questions

Q1. Which incident in the life of William Douglas before he was ten year old created an aversion in his mind to water?
When Douglas was three or four years old, he went to the California beach with his father. There a wave knocked him down. He could not breathe. The incident created an aversion to water in his mind.

Q2. What is the ‘Misadventure’ that William Douglas speaks about? (Experience at YMCA pool).
When Douglas was around eleven years old he started to learn swimming. One day a big boy, who was a bully threw him into the swimming pool. Douglas could not get out of the pool. He fainted.

Q3. What did Douglas feel and do when he was pushed into the swimming pool?
Douglas felt scared when he was pushed into the swimming pool. He made a plan to come out of the pool. His plan was to jump up after his feet touched the bottom, come to the surface and swim out of the pool. He struggled a lot but his plan failed.

Q 4. How did Dougla’s experience at the YMCA pool affect him?
Douglas started fearing water. He could not enjoy water sports like boating, fishing and swimming. It ruined his holidays.

Q 5. Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear of water?
The fear of water had kept him away from water sports like boating, fishing and swimming. As he wanted to enjoy them, He got determined to get over his fear of water.

Q 6. How did Douglas make sure that he conquered the old terror (Fear of water)?
Douglas swam alone in the swimming pool. He felt a kind of terror there when he was alone. He decided to challenge the fear and overcome it. He went to Lake Wentworth and swam in it. He also swam across Warm lake, which helped him to conquer his old fear.

Q 7. What larger meaning did Douglas draw from his childhood experience of terror and his conquering of it?
Having gone through the near death experience and the terror of it his will to live grew intense. He learnt the lesson that “All we have to fear is fear itself”. He believed that ‘there is terror only in the fear of death”.

Q 8. How did the instructor build a swimmer out of Douglas?
The instructor tied a belt around Douglas which he controlled with rope andpulley. He trained him to inhale and exhale while swimming. He helped him to practice five days a week in the pool. He helped Douglas to shed his fear. He built a swimmer out of Douglas piece by piece.

Q 9. Why did Douglas’ mother not allow him to learn to swim in Yakima River?
Yakima river was dangerous. Mother feared for his safety. She kept him updated about the details of each drowning in the river.

Q 10. Why did mother allow Douglas to learn to swim at YMCA pool?
The YMCA pool was safe. It was nine feet deep in the middle. Its drop was gradual.

Long answer type questions

Q 1. Fear is something that we must learn to overcome, if we want to succeed in life.
How did Douglas get over his fear of Water?
Fear of any kind can create hindrance in our day to day life. Positive attitude, determination and constant efforts can help a person to overcome the fear.
William Douglas was pushed into a swimming pool when he was around eleven years old. He could not come out of it and fainted. He got the fear of water after this misadventure.
He did not want this fear to ruin his life. He hired a coach to overcome his fear and learn to swim. He practiced five days a week for seven months. Piece by piece he learnt to fight his fear.
He decided to swim alone in the pool and become sure of his victory over fear. He swam in Lake Wentworth and Warm lake also. He was able get over his fear of water.

Q2. Douglas had a near death experience in his childhood which had a negative as well as a positive outcome. Justify the statement with evidence from the text.
The negative outcome of the near death experience was that Douglas got the fear of water. He stayed away from water bodies. Thus he could not enjoy any water sports like swimming, boating and fishing. His social life was fully destroyed.
The positive outcome of the experience was that he learnt that he had the will power to overcome his fear. He hired a coach to learn to swim in a pool. He did intense practice five days a week for seven months. He noticed that after the experience the will to live had become stronger. He started believing that there is fear only in the fear of death.

Important Questions for Class 12 English flamingo deep water

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the summary of deep water?

Answer: This story is about the author’s journey to overcome his fear of water, which is deeply stuck in him since childhood. The author starts fearing the water when he is 4 years old. As he grows then he visited California with his father. There is the beach where he face wave knocks him down and sweeps over him.

What is the theme of deep water?

The theme of deep water is childhood fear should never be treated lightly. If they are not handled, then they make deep inroads into one’s brain.

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