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Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12

It is important for students to understand various types of Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12. In all exams, there are definitely questions asked in which the students have to write Notices. You should be able to understand the procedure to write a good notice. We have given some tips and solved examples below which will help you to understand how to write better notices and get good marks in exams. You should also refer to English Letter writing rules.

A notice is a formal means of communication. The purpose of a notice is to announce or display information to a specific group of people. Notices are generally meant to be pinned up on specific display boards whether in schools or in public places. Notices issued by the government appear in newspapers.

Read these Notice Writing for class 10 and 12. These Format of Notice writing for class 10 and 12 are prepared by our expert teachers on the latest exam pattern of the CBSE Board Exam. It will help you to make your preparation better to score good marks in your English exam.

Notice Writing for Class 10 PDF is great for preparing for the CBSE board examinations. CBSE English Syllabus is much bigger and requires concentrated efforts on the part of the student to face the examinations and pop out a success.

A notice should be written in the following format:
• the name of the organisation issuing the notice
• the title ‘NOTICE’
• a heading to introduce the subject of the notice
• the date
• the body of the notice
• the writer’s signature, name (in block letters) and designation

Points to remember:
• A well-written notice must inform the readers about the 5 Ws:
— What is going to happen, (that is, the event)
— Where it will take place
— When it will take place (that is, the date and time)
— Who can apply or is eligible for it
— Whom to contact or apply to (that is, the issuing authority)
• Only the most important points should be written.
• A.O.D. – that is, any other detail given in the question.
• One is free to add any relevant information not included in the question.
• The sentences should be short and grammatically accurate.
• They should be in the passive voice as far as possible.
• The notice should be presented within a box.
• The word limit for a notice is 40–50 words (only the words in the body of the notice are counted).
• Information given in a notice must be clear and should not cause any misunderstanding or confusion.
• A notice must be catchy and appealing – it should attract the reader’s attention at once.
• Increase the visual appeal of your notice by using bold letters, catchy slogans, striking words and phrases, etc.
• Standard abbreviations are allowed.

Marking scheme
The name of the organisation, ‘NOTICE’, the heading and the date — 2 marks
The name and designation of the person writing — ½ mark
Placing the notice within a box — ½ mark
Content and language — 2 marks

Adherence to the word limit is important:
• If the candidate exceeds the word limit by 2 or 3 words, ½ mark is deducted.
• If he/she exceeds the word limit by 4 or more words, 1 mark is deducted.

Value points in a notice

Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12
Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12
Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12
Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12

Sample notices:

1. The Residents’ Welfare Association, Green Park is organising a ‘Holi Fiesta’ in the locality. As the president of the association, draft a notice in not more than 50 words informing the residents about the same. Give other essential details too.

Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12

2. On the occasion of National Science and Technology Day, the school has decided to organise a Science Fair. Vikram, the secretary of the Science Society, wants to call a meeting of the office bearers of the society to discuss the arrangements for the fair. Write a notice is not more than 50 words.

Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12

3. Ram Lakhani is the Head Boy of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh. He and some other students of the school are touched by the plight of the poorand the destitute in the state-run homes, and wish to make a difference in their lives by lessening their sufferings. They decide to raise funds for this purpose. Write a notice, not exceeding 50 words, making an appeal for generous donations.

Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12

4. You are Parthasarthy Mishra, the Head Boy of St John’s High School, Dalhousie. You have been asked to write a notice regarding a sports kit bag found on the school playground. Write the notice in not more than 50 words. Invent necessary details.

Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12

5. You are the cultural secretary of your school. Write a notice in about 50 words inviting the names of students who would like to participate in the variety programme that you are planning in aid of an old age home in your city. Items may be in the form of solo and group singing, monoacting, magic show, dance performance, etc. Trials for the most suitable participants will be held during the zero period everyday.

Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12
Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12

Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12 PDF consists of all of the concepts and important topics which help you in revision. Each explanation is provided with all the assumptions and good judgment used to determine the conclusion. This will allow the students to study and understand each concept even though they are preparing for the first time.

We hope you have gotten everything, except assuming you have any issue, you can ask us by writing a comment below with the goal that We can take care of your concerns. A few seconds ago you have perused the Notice Writing for Class 10 and 12. Here we also gave you the unseen passages for Class 10 and 12 with examples that is not difficult to learn and understand.

Assuming you need to find out with regards to some other study material, then, at that point, you can visit our study material sections.

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