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Sentence Synthesis Exercise

Students should go through Sentence Synthesis Exercise examples are given below. These are really important if you are appearing for any type of English Exams. We have provided below solved samples which will help you to understand how to solve Sentence Synthesis Exercise related questions in tests and exams. You can refer to more such English Grammar topics on our website which will help you to improve your English Grammar skills.

Combine the following pairs of sentences.

Question. It is very hot. I can’t go out now.
Ans. It is too hot for me to go out now.

Question. It may rain. We will get wet.
Ans. If it rains we will get wet.

Question. I bought these mangoes yesterday. They are very sweet.
Ans. These mangoes which I bought yesterday are very sweet.

Question. The weather was fine. We went out for a walk. (Combine using a participle)
Ans. The weather being fine, we went out for a walk.

Question. They are pretty. They are intelligent.
Ans. They are both pretty and intelligent.

Question. Farmers use modern methods of cultivation. They wish to produce more food grains.
Ans. Farmers use modern methods of cultivation so that they can produce more food grains.

Question. The boy complained to the teacher. His watch had been stolen.
Ans. The boy whose watch had been stolen complained to the teacher.

Question. Mr. James is a doctor. His wife is a doctor.
Ans. Both Mr. James and his wife are doctors.

Question. This is the hotel. Our meetings used to take place here.
Ans. This is the hotel where our meetings used to take place.

Question. Iron is found in India. Coal is also found in India.
Ans. Iron as well as coal is found in India. (When we combine two singular sentences using as well as, the verb is singular.

Sentence Synthesis Exercise

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