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Writing Skills Short Compositions Reports Writing for Class 12 English

Writing Skills Short Compositions Reports Writing for Class 12 English is an integral part of English exam in class 12. In the following section we have provided example of Reports writing for class 12 English. Please go through these solved examples to understand how to write Reports in upcoming Class 12 CBSE English examinations.

Question. As you were travelling by train, you happened to witness an accident at an unmanned level crossing. As the reporter of a newspaper, write a report on the accident, including details of the number of people injured and the extent of damage caused.


Gruesome Train-Car Accident Claims Many Lives

by Shewta Vashisht, staff correspondent

Kerala, 2nd March, 20×× : A Maruti 800 collided with car the Hapa-Tiruelveli Express at an unmanned level crossing at Aroor in Kerala today, around 5 p.m.

According to preliminary records. The train was moving at its full pace. The car came out of nowhere and attempted to cross over to the other side of the track by leaping in front of the train. In fraction of a second, train hit the car, the latter smashed, killing on the spot those present in the car. Those injured were rushed to hospital where they were declared brought dead. On hearing the deafening noise, people from nearby areas rushed to the scene to commence rescue operations. On enquiring, locals said that the Kochi-Alappuzha stretch has a string of unmanned level crossing and several accidents have occurred in the same area in the past. After today’s accident, the State Transport Minister Aryadan Mohammed stressed on the need to set manned level crossings, at the earliest. The minister asked railways to provide adequate compensation to the families of the victims and also extend immediate relief to them.

Question. The members of Saraswati Residents Welfare Association held a protest rally at the District Park against the decision of the Municipal Corporation to cut down trees for widening of roads to ease traffic congestion. Write a report on the rally in 120-150 words. You are Puneeta/ Pramod, the President of the Association.


Protest Rally by Saraswati RWA

by Puneeta Anand, President, Saraswati RWA

New Delhi, 6 June, 20××. The members of Saraswati Residents Welfare Association, held a protest rally at District Park, against the decision of the Municipal Corporation to cut down trees for widening of roads to ease traffic congestion. The protesters assembled in front of the District Park at 8:00 A.M. on 5 June, 20××, which also happens to be the World Environment Day. The protest rally was soon joined by the local NGOs and neighbouring Residents Welfare Associations who supported the cause. All the protesters took to the road carrying posters and shouting slogans. The protesters felt that the District Park had been here for many years and that it was more of an asset than a liability. Destroying it would only prove to be disastrous for the residents as well as the environment. Saraswati Residents Welfare Association has already appealed for a stay order on the decision. Until then, they urged the concerned authorities to consider the alternative method, such as building fly-overs, deploying more traffic policemen, etc. to ease traffic congestion. The residents said that they shall continue to protest until stay order is passed.

Question. As a staff reporter of The Times of India, Delhi, you are asked to cover an incident of daylight robbery on the outskirts of Delhi, while the inmates were present in the house. Write a report in 100-125 words.


Family Robbed in Broad Day Light

by XYZ, Staff Reporter Times of India

New Delhi, 2nd March, 20xx : A daring daylight robbery occurred yesterday in the house of Mr. Ghosh at 2:00 p.m. According to a relative of the victim, after lunch, the Ghosh family was enjoying their afternoon siesta when a group of masked men entered the house from the back door. The incident took place in Prerna Colony, situated on the outskirts of Delhi. This has been the third occurrence of such kind in the past month.

At first they shut all the doors from outside and bolted the main gate from within. They made the already sleeping inmates unconscious before ransacking the safe, almirahs and boxes in which family jewellery, ornaments, cash, valuable and other important documents were kept. By the time Mr. Ghosh and his family regained the robbers had left with all the cash and jewellery worth 5,00,000. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. The police have issued an advisory and have been looking into the matter.

Question. Maxim Gorky School, Kodaikanal celebrated ‘Nutrition Week’ from 1st September to 7th September by arranging inter-school cookery contests, oratorical, painting and poster competitions, besides talks by eminent nutritionists and medical professionals. There was an overwhelming response from students and parents. Prepare a report in 100-125 words to be published in your school magazine. You are Arjun/Anita, School Pupil Leader.


Nutrition Week

by Anita Singh, Pupil leader

The ever active Health Club of Maxim Gorky School, Kodaikanal celebrated ‘Nutrition week’ starting from September 1 to September 7, 20××.

Renowned holistic health and fitness guru, Mr. Mickey Mehta graced the occasion with his presence as Chief Guest on the inauguration day. He spoke about why exercise is important to stay fit. Other eminent nutritionists who visited the school throughout the nutrition week also shared and ideas about choosing a healthy life style and food alternatives. Medical professionals were also invited to the event, who conducted health check ups for students, teachers and staff members.

Throughout the week, the school witnessed a variety of cultural programme, such as inter- school cookery contest, oratorical, painting, poster making competition, etc. There was an over whelming response from students and parents who even invited their friends and family to the event. The celebration ended with distribution of prizes and certificates among winners of various competitions, which took place during the ‘Nutrition Week’.

Question. Keeping in view the frequent occurrence of earthquakes, floods and torrential rains in different parts of the country, your school arranged a talk on disaster management. The speaker explained the precautionary measures to be taken by the public and the government in case of emergency. As a student reporter, Ravi/Rani prepare a report on the talk in 100- 125 words, to be published in your local paper.


A Talk on Disaster Management

by Ravi, Student Reporter

A talk on disaster management was arranged in DPS, Mathura Road, New Delhi in the school auditorium on the 4th January at 3 p.m. Due to frequent occurrence of floods, torrential rains and earthquakes in the country during the last ten years, it has became mandatory to have such a talk. Students, teachers and the people of the neighbouring areas attended the lecture delivered by Dr. S. S. Ravi Kumar, an expert geologist.

He spoke in detail about the precautionary measures that we should adopt during the case of emergency. Identifying the areas most prone to the earthquakes, he suggested to make the building earthquake resistant with light roofs. He stressed on the need for cleaning out the stagnant water around the buildings. He told that the wooden structures cause lesser damage than the concrete structures. He pointed out the need of having preliminary first aid training. The session included images and videos that supported the discourse. Disaster Management kits comprising of important information related to safety measures, first aid, post disaster instructions, etc. were distributed. The meeting concluded with everyone taking the vow to be safe than sorry.

Question. You witnessed a fire accident in a slum area near your colony on Saturday night. You were very much disturbed by the pathetic sight. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Lakshmi/ Lakshman, a student of P.D.K. International School, Madurai.


Slum Area Destroyed in Massive Fire

by Lakshmi, P. D. K. International School, Madurai

On Saturday, 5 March, 20××, life as they knew it, turned to ashes for Madhu Vihar slum dwellers; a massive fire destroyed it entirely.

Witnessing the billowing smoke, panic and wailing of victims many bystanders rushed to help them escape. The arrival of fire engines finally brought some respite for the helpless slum dwellers.

The police, who arrived at the scene half-an- hour late, suspects that the fire was caused due to short circuit. Red Cross along with some local NGOs and Police were able to rescue the victims. At least eighty people have died and more than three hundred and fifty have received serious burn injuries. They are now admitted in the local government hospital.

Most of the 500 jhuggis, which form the Madhu Vihar slum have completely perished in the fire and about 2000 dwellers have been rendered homeless in this tragic incidence.

Relief was provided immediately in the form of clothes, food and medical aids so that they may carry on with their lives. Free medical service has been provided to the wounded. However, basic essentials are still required and being accepted. A group of volunteers have taken the initiative to look after those admitted in the hospitals.

Question. You visited a job fair organised by Ability Foundation in Chennai recently. You were impressed to see that nearly 55 companies from various sectors such as information technology, telecommunication, electronics, etc. offered jobs to the final year students of colleges. As a reporter of the Deccan Times, Chennai prepare a report in 100-125 words. You are Peeyush/Priya.


The Grand Chennai JOBFAIR

by Priya, Staff Reporter, The Deccan Herald

Chennai, March 14, 20×× : Recently, the Ability Foundation organised a week long job fair in the city, which was held at the Parthasarathy Hotel, Chennai.

Nearly 55 companies, including international corporate houses from various sectors, such as IT, telecommunication, electronics and some other manufacturing sectors, etc. participated in the Job Fair. Final year students of various colleges walked in for on the spot interviews and walked out with lucrative job offers in their hands. For an entire week, job seekers thronged the stalls of the participating companies. Many career councellors were also present to guide students through the career paths of their choice and its future aspects. Students left the fair content and with job.

Question. Your school has recently organised a medical camp for screening students and staff for Swine Flu on the occasion of Independence Day Celebrations. The parents were also invited for screening. You are Rohit/Rashmi, Cultural Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra School, Bangalore. Write a report of the event in 100-125 words for ‘The Times of India’.


Medical Camp Organised for Screening for Swine Flu

by Rasmi Kelkar, Cultural Secretary

The Times of India, August 16, 20×× : Vivekananda Kendra School, Bangalore, organised a medical camp on the occasion of Independence Day celebration on August 19, 20××. The one day medical camp was held for screening students and staff for swine flu.

The celebration began with the flag hoisting followed by the rising for the National Anthem. Health Minister of Bangalore, Mr. K.R. Ramesh Kumar, graced the occasion with his presence as the Chief Guest. The school pupil leader welcomed the Chief Guest, the staff, students and their parents to the medical camp and thanked the representatives of Indian Red Cross Society for conducting the screening for swine flu. Later, the doctors did a thorough check-up and advised cure to those who showed even the slightest symptoms of the flu. All attendees were also given a precautionary mini health kit, which contained information about the causes, symptoms and cure for swine flu.

The Health Minister applauded the efforts of the school and congratulated the Principal, teachers, students and parents for giving priority to health and sanitation.

No doubt, the medical camp was highly beneficial to all.

Question. You are Naren, a class XI student of Preet Public School, Chennai. You attended a weeklong training programme organized by The Debating Society, Chennai to develop debating skills. Mentioning the number of participants, speakers and the skills taught such as listening, concentration, effective speaking, etc., write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine.


Debating Skills Enhancement Programme

by Naren, Preet Public School, Chennai

Chennai, 12 March, 20×× : A week long training programme was organised by the Debating Society of Preet Public School, Chennai from 5th March, 20×× to 11th March, 20××. The aim of this training programme was to develop debating skills among the students. The programme was inaugurated by the chairman of the society. There were approximately 200 students and teachers from various schools who attended the programme. The participants were well known orators and debaters who were highly motivating and left an impact on all the students and teachers. There was an interactive session also in which the students and teachers asked debating related questions and expressed their views. At the end of the week long programme, the students felt enlightened and more confident about their debating skills. According to the students, the whole training programme was quite an eye opener. By all means, it turned out to be a great success.

Question. You are Rama, studying in Sun Public School, Bangalore. Every year your school celebrates the ‘World Health Day’ that falls on 7th April. Write a report for your school newsletter in 100-125 words on how the day was celebrated this year.


World Health Day Celebrated

by Rama Jhakur

Sun Public School, Bangalore celebrated World Health Day on 7th April, 20×× in the school’s auditorium. The school celebrates this occasion every year on this day. As the custom is, the celebration started by paying homage to the school founders. Chief Guest eminent film star and health and fitness enthusiast, Ms. Shilpa Shetty, accompanied by the school Principal, lighted the lamp. The event started with a beautiful song performed by the students of class IX. Post the melodious performance, Ms. Shetty shared her views on the importance of healthy life style, food habits, physical exercise and Yoga. With the help of an assistant, Ms. Shetty demonstrated few simple as an as which would help students during the exam days to improve breathing, posture and concentration. Some of the as an as were to reduce stress and anxiety. The school had also organised a fete to promote healthy food choices. The event concluded with a streetplay by the members of the theatre club. Ms. Shilpa Shetty applauded the efforts of the school and congratulated all for the success of the event.

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